From the recording Pretty Good

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The Blue Warblers | Lyrics from Pretty Good

Banks of the Ohio

public domain/arr by Kim Beggs

Kim Beggs - Lead Vocal/Guitar
Natalie Edelson - Harmony Vocal/Banjo

I asked my love to take a walk
Just a walk a little way
As we walked along we talked
All about our wedding day

And only say that you’ll be mine
And our home will happy be
Down beside where the waters flo
w Down on the banks of the Ohio

I held a knife to her right breast
As into my arms she pressed
She cried: Oh Willie, don’t murder me.
I’m not prepared for eternity.

I took her by her lily-white hand
Led down where the waters stand
There I pushed her in to drown
And watched her as she floated down

I started home between the twelve and the one
I cried: My God, what have I done?
I murdered the only woman I loved
Because she wouldn’t be my bride

The very next morning about a half past four
The sheriff came knocking at my door.
He said: Young man, come with me and go
Down to the Banks of the Ohio