From the recording Pretty Good

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The Blue Warblers | Lyrics from Pretty Good

My Sweet Liza Jane

by Buddy Tabor

Natalie Edelson - Lead vocal/Banjo
Kim Beggs- Harmony vocal

My Sweet Liza Jane
I call out your name
But I get no reply
My Sweet Liza Jane

My mama done warned me
But I heed not her word
And a friend he done told me
What I already heard

Your tongue it was lying
Your heart was deceived
And I fall down on nails
And I lie in defeat

My wounds they are mortal
And my time it ain’t long
My soul it is singing
A low mournful song

Now god he done dealt me
All them bad luck cards
And I’ve looked for you everywhere
I don't know where you are

There’s salt in my wounds
And I cry out in pain
Done run out of aces
I lost at love’s game

My Sweet Liza Jane