1. Sweet Morel

From the recording Birds

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The Blue Warblers | Lyrics from Birds

Sweet Morel

By Kim Beggs & Natalie Edelson /Borderbag Productions

Kim Beggs - lead vocal, harmony
Natalie Edelson - lead vocal, banjo, harmony
Bob Hamilton - mandolin

Sweet, sweet, sweet Morel
Don’t you be no falling star
I’ll wonder better what you are
If I can hold you in my arms

Sweet, sweet, sweet Morel
Flower petal in my heart
Little snowflake coming down
May you find your way back home

Little baby born today
Then you had to fly away
Everybody feels like crying
Tears on you and wonder why

Like a needle in the hay
One of you and you came our way
Gave us all the joy we need
Your love is like a wedding day

You’re our little wishing well
Sister to our jingle bell
Mushroom darling earth is turning
Sleepy you my heart is yearning

Little diamond what you are
Rolling horse and rocking star
Earth and sun, you are the moon
We all hope you be home soon