1. Alive and Well

From the recording Birds

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The Blue Warblers | Lyrics from Birds

Alive And Well

By Martha Scott Stey

Natalie Edelson - lead vocal, banjo
Kim Beggs - harmony

The leaves are falling
The birds are flying
New England has its show
But while I am driving
My heart is pining
For my alaska home

I left in July
For no real reason why
The salmon were running strong
My heart was heavy
My hand unsteady
As I played you my last song

The miles are long, The pull is strong
And every leaf that falls
Paints the shape, of a precious face
That I have left at home

I saw your fear
As you drew near me
To wish my journey well
That the road would swallow
My death would follow
Like those you loved so well

But look I am still here
My life is very clear
My heart holds you in my arms
Your dreams aren’t bad luck
Your life is good luck
Your love’s my worthy charm

I’m coming home
I’m coming home
Alive and well