1. Little Birdie

From the recording Pretty Good

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The Blue Warblers | Lyrics from Pretty Good

Little Birdie

public domain/arr by Kim Beggs

Kim Beggs - Lead Vocal/Guitar
Natalie Edelson - Harmony Vocal/Banjo
Jesse Zubot- Fiddle

Little birdie, little birdie
Come and sing me your song
I’ve a short time to stay here
And a long time to be gone

Oh I’d rather be in some dark hollow
Where the sun don’t never shine
Then for you to be another man’s darling
And to know that you’d never be mine

Little Birdie, little birdie
What makes you fly so high?
For you know your own true lover
Is waiting in the sky

Oh I’d rather be a sailor
And to sail out on the sea
Then to be at home a married man
With a baby on my knee

For the married man, he sees trouble
And the single boy sees none
I expect to live single
’Til my life on earth is done