1. Butterfly

From the recording Birds

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The Blue Warblers | Lyrics from Birds


by Natalie Edelson/ Bordertown Productions

Natalie Edelson - lead vocal, banjo
Kim Beggs - harmony, Skin&Bones

Butterfly Butterfly
Butterfly Butterfly

If your trouble is like mine
If your trouble is just like mine
Lay your burden down and walk that crooked line

Saw an eagle with a dove
Saw an eagle with a dove
Mountains cutting through a silver sky above

Turn that water into wine
Turn those salt tears right into wine
Sparkling ocean blue right in this heart of mine

And an angel did appear
And an angel did appear
Though he had no wings he taught me how to fly

Butterfly Butterfly
Butterfly my butterfly
Spread your restless wings from ground up to the sky

Butterflies on the ground
And the people they gathered round
What was once lost is now forever found

Butterflies in the air
Butterflies everywhere
Je suis le chemin
Oh I am the way